Sunday, 23 January 2011


Im posting some personal work. The work i love doing. Putting pieces tgoether from different sources. It some times take me hours just to put these things together, seeing what goes and what doesent. My Assessments are just over so im having a little break from it all but really im not. Still doing little bits and bob including my true passion collage. I am actually trying to source a little bit of new pieces of fabric, scraps, decoupage this is when i miss The Barras in glasgow there used to be this man he had a stall that was full of old French Newspapers, Badges, sent postcards, buttons. This place wasnt a dream. If i won the lottery i would have bought everything from him. He understood just like me that these things are worth something. Others just used to look at me weirdly because i would scrunch up on the floor and just look through all of these things. He had a story for each thing near enough. I feel lucky to have experienced that.

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