Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Singer Sewing Factory

Spending time finding out
a bit more about the soil you
walk on is a great way to build
a picture of how it once was.
Singer sewing Factory based
in Clydebank was
an amazing factory which made
over 32 million sewing machines
in its lifetime.
I have spent more than a couple
of months in the clydebank
archives looking at all
the original documentation
and have put together a few
collage pieces.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dressing the city

Dressing the city is a project about
creating art which would not
normally be seen on the streets.
Its about bringing beauty
into the rough landscape of life and can
take people away from reality
into a world of intriguing
beauty and humour.  

Monday, 18 March 2013

Showcasing your memories

my mother

Since moving house I have left most things
lying around in boxes untouched for months.
One box in particular was a box of old
photos of family members, old letters from high
school friends, birthday cards with
loving sentiments enclosed and
general items that come with me
wherever I go in life.
Anyway last week I sat and went
through all these memories and
came across these stunning photos
of my mum in the seventies.
I had to do something with them it was
too sad for these memories not to be 
showcased to everyone.
So I made my mum this piece
with the date and place below
each photo.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A little inspiration

I feel everyone needs
a good quote in their life.
whether its in your bathroom
above your toilet; next to your
mirror when your getting ready 
or at the back of your purse
along with your nectar card
everyone needs a pick me up.
its January after all........

Monday, 5 November 2012

Candybelle Pop up Shop

Its been a while and
you all look so great
whoever you are welcome to my
How you ended up here it does not
 matter, the main thing is you are here.
For those of you who took my little
business card to have a nosey at what
I get up to then great.
Those of you who are accidentally
here stay for a while.
I have been busy designing a whole new range
of cards and cushions and
they will all be available
online as-well as at events like Candybelle.
It was a great day and I had lots of fun
meeting quirky stall holders selling all
sorts of delightful items.

Betty and Bella are a start up
business with some cool
quirky items and they
are lovely girls to boot.
Glad rags are on the look out for my
perfect vintage wedding dress
and had beautiful vintage items with 
such history.
Fawnd Of's last ever appearance
as they now become
was there in all its glory with studs
on just about everything.
Anyways enough talking its good to
be back speak soon and enjoy the photos.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Degree Show

Its the end of an era........
Its been 4 years of hard work for us all
and now its time to celebrate.
The degree show is here and 
we finally get to show everyone what we 
have been working on for the last 4 years
 but most importantly how much we have grown.
Its been an invaluable experience 
as a designer however, time
to move on and make our own paths 
and chase our own dreams................

 This was a spray paint/wheatpaste I done on 
the wall for degree show
These photos are all part of my main project which
was about street art and taking my 
work into an outside context.
more info on my website

These pieces were all part of my 
development and was important for
the viewer to see them as unfinished 
as thats exactly what they are
little ideas and experiments.

The finished piece which took 3 and 
a half hours to hang and has
not been without its problems.
Every time I resurrect it however it seems to grow
on me as a finished piece.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Triumph Window Piece

The Triumph brief is finally over all
lines are closed and editing can now be
laid to rest.
I have enjoyed the brief as its gave me a chance
to explore different mediums and avenues.

The concept for my campaign is to communicate
 how “magical”  A Triumph bra can feel on any women 
when properly fitted.
My research revealed that women today want 
a perfect fitting bra. 
One that cannot be felt, almost invisible, 
like air, floating with them while they work or play.
The varying shapes and sizes of women today 
were the inspiration behind my concept. 
Using their words I illustrated the magical part a bra plays in every womens life when perfectly fitted......it Flys!!! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Triumph brief

Its been a hardworking couple of weeks for everyone.
Closer and closer graduation is creeping up and we are all in our last fight to create the best work we possibly can.
I have been working on the YCN brief for 
Triumph and the end is nigh.  
I am beginning to close in on my finished design 
and I thought you might like to have a look.
These are just the trial runs so i need to develop this final idea.  I am going to be creating a pop up 3D version of my concept using a mix of fabrics and illustrations.

Watch out for the next update where I will be using all my donated bras to laser cut some wings for a bigger 3D installation that will be part of the window display.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

1 Day Project

In the true spirit of valentines day
I decided to set myself a one day project.
My theme was "Love" of course and rather
than spending 3 weeks on one project
this gave me a chance to really just go for
it with an idea and in doing so i created a mini
one day book with a couple of 
pieces of inspiration along with my final piece
which can be seen below.
My final piece "Kiss me" is done using
gesso transfers ink and photoshop.
All comments would be appreciated........

My Final Piece

Friday, 10 February 2012

Interim Exhibition

Every year 4th year students
at Grays Art school hold an
Interim Exhibition.
This stands as a trial run before
degree show and I think I 
speak for everyone when I say
We were all rushing about trying to 
get everything done on time,
just aswell working under pressure is one
thing I can do.
I have took some examples of my work
to show you all.
Exhibited are some examples of
my current work; Ideas for Triumph 
brief and their new bra fitting service.
These are just some initial cut outs
from my sketchbooks which I hung with old
bra straps and measuring tape for
some extra meaning.
The thought of graduating can be quite
a scary thought as theres so much
pressure to impress and produce a
vast body of work.
However, I think everyone is secretly
excited to move onto bigger and better things.