Monday, 5 November 2012

Candybelle Pop up Shop

Its been a while and
you all look so great
whoever you are welcome to my
How you ended up here it does not
 matter, the main thing is you are here.
For those of you who took my little
business card to have a nosey at what
I get up to then great.
Those of you who are accidentally
here stay for a while.
I have been busy designing a whole new range
of cards and cushions and
they will all be available
online as-well as at events like Candybelle.
It was a great day and I had lots of fun
meeting quirky stall holders selling all
sorts of delightful items.

Betty and Bella are a start up
business with some cool
quirky items and they
are lovely girls to boot.
Glad rags are on the look out for my
perfect vintage wedding dress
and had beautiful vintage items with 
such history.
Fawnd Of's last ever appearance
as they now become
was there in all its glory with studs
on just about everything.
Anyways enough talking its good to
be back speak soon and enjoy the photos.


  1. Gorgeous work! LOVE that Vitadatio candle!! xxx

    1. you know what you are getting for a crimbo prezzie then hehe x