Friday, 8 April 2011

Exhibition work

Hand Embroidered Cards for sale

Thought Clusters
Each cluster is a visual thought.
They are all individual.
Nature plays a big part in my work.
Each piece is made up of transfers,
Scraps and found photographs.

This project asked us to work with
The number 100.
I seen 100 as the best.
I used this to produce a series of pieces
Involving the positive aspect of us all
Reaching for 100 whether it be through
work or beauty.

This was part of a project
Where we were asked to
Photograph today’s culture
and how we live our lives.
It was a chance to get out there.
I caught some great moments.

Door bells
This has become an addiction.
I started taking photos of doorbells about
2 years ago and it has never really stopped.
I find it fascinating that through time
the door bell has stood still.
Never changed or got better with technology
The design of the doorbell has never been upgraded.
I love that fact.

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