Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Wedding (more work)

I bought this magazine which had all the weddings from Coronation Street over the last 40 years.  Rita looked so lovely, well compared to how she looks now that I did not even look at him. Thought singling her out using illustration was appropriate.  Alot of my work done is all about illuminating the bride as thee most important part of any Wedding.

Using Embroidery to create these little illustrations they are quite intricate.  I liked this one the best so thought i would put it up.  Its pretty sentimental piece of work.

This piece was about taking an old moment and updating it with a contemporary thought that one of us today would be more than likely to think because the ring has overtaken the actual thought behind the proposal.

I like this piece of work because it takes a photo with beautiful scenery just like any one on Facebook of a young couple on holiday and hijacks it with putting the pressure of a proposal just because its a nice spot to do so. I would like to take this idea further and actually do a piece outside in a place which could be seen as a perfect proposal spot.
Thank you for viewing my work.
Please feel free to say whatever you would like.

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