Thursday, 30 June 2011

June 25th 2011

My big sisters wedding day was filled with these beautiful inventive wedding favours with lace candle jars for the ladies and the whiskey bottles inspired by Alice in Wonderland for the gentlemen.

Each label was done on my "very old" sewing machine with the colour of thread matching the colour scheme of the wedding. Midnight Blue. I put some perfectly placed words through my typewriter every label was unique and differed from the other then I added some lace under the sewing machine to be sewn together with the thread.  
Loved every minute of it.

Each table theme was done of course in the colour scheme of the wedding.  I drew out a doille in blue ink scanned into Photoshop then used three different fonts to connect every table together. I was worried about how these would look but once they were on the table they looked perfect.

Each nook of Bisham Abbey was adorned with decoration which added the personal touch every wedding needs.  The lace bows were one of my favourite ideas.  I put these ones up myself........

This is a snapshot of the perfect day.
The bride was picture perfect.

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