Monday, 3 January 2011

Self Promotion Project

Thought i would update today with something i am experimenting with. This idea is for a Self promotional pack that i would go onto send to potential employers. I had an idea for something for their desk initially like coaster or a tissue box design but my idea took me onto a handkerchief which i found out is one of the most boring presents anyone can recieve. I began to think i am never going to come up with something that is of utmost use to these people so why not play on the fact that there are all boring. What is their function in these peoples lives i am so hard trying to make an impact why dont i make an impact with nothing that is a harder thing to do. So anyway handkerchiefs pictured. One i embroidered and the other was a digital print which was orginally done using gesso transfers. The wording is questioning exactly what there use is which i could look into branching to any product which is very appealing i think i am going to try it on a bag and even a cushion. I am also going to try out packaging for these aswell. i post them when i finish.

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