Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Feetandtea present

I decided I wanted to give my feetandtea label a little present from me........................
I had been trying out some logos for my handmade cards that
I am making for STAG pop up shop and made a few collages literally adding some feet and a few cups of tea here and there.
I always find that when it comes to designing for myself I
don't try as hard as I would if I was designing
a piece for a friend or a competition.
I always want to impress other people with my work
and products but have different standards when it comes to myself.

Its given me alot to think about now that I am about to enter into my last year at Grays:

Will I challenge myself more if I am not just doing 
a personal project and doing briefs for companies and competitions? 

Here are a few little presents to feetandtea label that i might use on my products in the future.
Would love to know what is your favourite!

1 comment:

  1. i like the one that kind of looks like a globe with the textured circle behind the text and says feet and tea! x