Friday, 26 August 2011

The Pop up Shop

FeetandTea had its first outing at STAG pop up shop and let me tell you it was very exciting.  There were lots of other stalls there selling vintage clothes and loads of delicious cupcakes, however it is fair to stay that we definitely stood out with all our reclaimed scrap furniture that I refurbished myself and a few pretty flowers and prints on old coat hangers.

Not only did I manage to sell lots of lovely unique cards that were up for grabs my favourite being,
"I love you even though you talk utter shite"
"I know I love you because I can leave
the toilet door open"
I also made my individually unique candle jars with special embroidered message on them along with FeetandTea cushions.
Some pictures below:

The grand finale for me was to showcase my 
"Live a Little" print
for all to see.  I spent a total of 48 hours on this piece spread over two weeks.  I drew 23,000 circles on it by hand using nothing but 8 Steadler 0.3 fineliners kindly purchased from the Grays school of Art shop.
Feast your eyes on it and let me know what you think

Also check out time lapse footage done for the day by Stuart Edwards on this link to get a feeling for the day.  there is no puzzle in finding me as I am the last one to clear away at the end.

We are also featured in The Skinny
under unique fashion pop up Shop and FeetandTea along with my bow tie and birdcage makes an appearance.
thanks for all the support I had from my family and friends beforehand and on the day.

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  1. Love Your work Ali....Good luck.... Raf